Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams

I’m quite a big fan of the prolific, excellent, Ryan Adams, I certainly have several of his albums, with his second ‘Gold’ being my very favourite, probably in my all time top 10. This offering, the fourteenth of a turbulent career spanning fifteen years, but the first for two years, is a suitably reflective piece of song writing and it is interesting, exciting and has enough to leave you wanting more.

The beady eyes staring from the cover are possibly more sober than they have been but they seem to reflect a maturity in Ryan Adams and the steely look also comes across in an overall languid but rhythmic collection of songs. As an aside I’m not sure if it is the superior equipment I’m listening to (Densen Audio electronics into Avalon Transcendent speakers) but this is a very nicely produced and crafted piece of work that has a lot care in its presentation. ‘Gimmie something good’ is a classic opener from Adams that has pace and a neat chorus that stays with you. ‘Kim’ is forgettable (hope it’s not a heartfelt lament to his wifey) but ‘Trouble and ‘Am I safe’ have proper driving guitars and the lolping rhythm you want from Adams.

‘My wrecking ball’ is a proper acoustic guitar/folk track that represents all that is very good about Ryan Adams, his guitar and his songwriting and it is beautiful.

Gimme something good  ****
Kim  **
Trouble  ****
Am I safe  ****
My wrecking ball  ****
Stay with me  ***
Shadows  ****
Feels like fire  **
I just might  ***
Tired of giving up  ***

Time – 42:40
Released – 8-9-14

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