87 – Triangle

87 – Triangle

The Beau Brummels

Nice and uncomplicated folk rock from San Francisco’s The Beau Brummels, largely unaffected by the drug infused ‘Summer of Love’. It’s taken me three months to get to this next album, at this rate, 87 in 18 months or more, Spotify will be out of business, and so may I? Not much to add really, but I have enjoyed getting back into the 1001 realm after ages off and a nice pair if AudioPro LV2e wireless speakers working nicely. Pink Floyd’s ‘Pipers…’ coming up soon but I’ve got the Monkees and some other dodgy stuff ahead.

Released July – 1967

Favourite Track – Keeper of Time

Rating – 5.9, probably wont be coming back, unlike Moby Grape

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