86 – Moby Grape

86 – Moby Grape

Moby Grape

Wow, amazing music from these guys who I have never heard of.  I can’t really believe these guys didn’t make it really big, however, having read about drug possession, under-age sex allegations, flipping the bird on the album cover and then having five singles released at once I can maybe see why they didn’t make it so big.

There’s a fab track called ‘Naked, if I Want To’ which is only about a minute long.  It has a wonderful lyric, along the lines of “can I buy an amplifier, I ain’t got no money, but I’ll pay you before I die”, loved it.  There is also a Hendrix, Blues Rock style track called ‘Indifference’ which I really enjoyed.  Also, ‘Omaha’ seems to have been their big hit, but it washed over me I have to say.

Overall, I really enjoyed this album and will come back to this.

Released – 1967

Favourite Track – Mr Blues, 8:05, fantastic music

Rating – 7.4

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