64 – Revolver – The Beatles

64 – Revolver – The Beatles

The Beatles

First of all, administrative matters. I happen to be in the temporary possession, though not ownership of, a T+A D10-2 CD player that is of serious audiophile quality and so there is a huge amount of detail being flown out of my T+A TCD 310 S speakers that are of a similar quality and (non) ownership. This means that listening to a CD has just become an even more fascinating experience for me and tracks like ‘Love You Too’ may have passed me by were it not for the incredible detail coming out if the sitar that George Harrison is playing here.

Revolver is the seventh of the thirteen Beatles studio albums. As with Rubber Soul, this is another long step forward in their musical evolution. The influence of touring, drugs and, by my reading, Jane Asher is all contributing to lyrical ideas and experimentation, for example the aforementioned sitars in’Love You Too’, drugs references implied in ‘Doctor Robert’ and another argument with Jane Asher in Switzerland delivering ‘For No One’.

There are Tamla Motown moments here, as well as a heavier amplified guitar feel, for example in ‘She Said’. There is an increased use of harmonies, for example ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ there is a noticeable move in this regard. I understand Rubber Soul and parts of this album directly affected Brian Wilson in his finishing off Pet Sounds and, having just heard it, there are definite influences.

This is certainly one of the better albums overall so far and certainly listening to it in such high quality helps given the depth in many of the songs, ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ has such a lot going on in the production, more sitars, electric guitars, flutes(?), brass and vocals it is amazing to listen to.

Of interest is the fact that the album cover has, as with Rubber Soul, no mention of The Beatles being the artist. Instead the album title is accompanied by Parlophone logo, the iconic ‘Pound Sign’.

Released – Aug 1966
Favourite Track – For No One, personal reasons, methinks..
Rating – 9.3

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