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1001 Albums

I love listening to music and feel as if I should listen to as wide a variety as possible.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not planning to die, but I have always wanted to do this since I received the eponymous book one Christmas from my brother-in-law.

So I want to listen to the best albums ever made. The problem is which list to use for my journey, there are so many. The Guardian has a list but it is dated 2007 so I’d like something a bit more contemporary. The book I have is dated 2005 so that is also a bit out of date for my liking so I’ve just gone and bought the 2011 version. ‘A 1001 albums you must hear before you die’, a guy called Robert Dimery’s has taken the trouble to edit this so my journey begins.

There are several other lists however the one that comes up from Google and starts with ABBA Gold got an immediate ‘no way’ on the basis that it was a compilation album and I’m here for the music (man). I’ll be trawling for other lists but the few others I can discuss in due course aren’t doing it for me either. So my journey begins when the new book arrives, I’ll start today with Graceland, on the basis that I own it, I have it ripped lossless and I can start today on the safe assumption it is in the new book, it’s in the old one so it works for me. Let’s say it will take 3 years, I hope I last that long, I’m on my second go anyway. Simon.

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