9 – Elvis Presley by Elvis Presley

9 – Elvis Presley by Elvis Presley


I listened to the remastered version so it wasn’t very authentic as an experience and considering I was making chocolate chip cookies with a five year old, this wasn’t a ‘total’ experience. However, Elvis and a collection of songs he had no hand in writing doesn’t really merit the full on immersion that I hope to dedicate to the likes of Bob Dylan or Talking Heads.

He was good, Elvis, and in the context of the other music around at the time you can see why he made the grade and emerged from the pack. But the theme of these early recordings is that they are collections of songs rather than albums as a piece of work.

Favourite Track – I got a woman

Rating – 6.0

Released – 1956

Note, the labels are for later I gather, the other non-artist reference is the source I used, being, CD, ALAC, or other ripped music files, vinyl; Spotify will be filling in most of the gaps in my music collection.

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