4 – Never a Dull Moment

4 – Never a Dull Moment

Rod Stewart

Well if you don’t like Rod Stewart’s voice, bad luck to you because it is perfect for an early 70s bluesy sound and he was almost made for it. This is another record not in my 1001 book but it is here because it rose to the top of the vinyl pile and it seems perfect for this list, it certainly could replace The Who Sell Out in my view.

This record must have been pretty early in Rod Stewart’s career because if it is ’72 he was presumably finishing with the Jeff Beck Group with Ronnie Wood and Atlantic Crossing was a long way off (1977, assuming this album is in the top 1001; turns out it is not, I must start a list of albums to slot in…). This would have been pretty much when the Faces started too.

I really like these songs (rather than saying ‘this album’) and you can hear the difference between a collection of songs and an album of tracks when you listen to this.

Going back to The Who, again, I don’t think Quadrophenia is on the list either, I think because it is a soundtrack by several artists, Tommy is though. I’ve chosen Dimery’s 1001 albums you must hear before you die because it doesn’t have daft soundtracks or compilations or Greatest Hits as some other lists because I’m on this musical journey.

Rating – 6.7

Favourite Tracks – Twistin’ the Night Away and You Wear it Well

Release – 1972

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