GIK Acoustics Impression Series

GIK Acoustics Impression Series

GIK Acoustics ImpressionI have received a very lovely Impression Series sound panel from GIK Acoustics.  I happen to have a little bit of experience with sound panels having installed an acoustic solution in the local village hall recently.  Indeed it was on this subject that I happened to be chatting with the General Manager at GIK Acoustics, Dave Shevyn, at the Bristol HiFi Show who offered me a ‘listen’, so to speak.  Here’s the first one, in position on its side, at my first “Reflection Point” (the hulking table in front of me with all my CDs, remotes, laptops and manuals on etc).

I’m an acoustic panel solution believer

I plan to have a decent play with these panels and report back in a month or so, but first impressions are they are beautiful to look at and they are really attractive to the eye.

Other places I can play with will include: the wall behind me;  in the front two corners and behind the speakers on the front wall, I will keep you posted, but suffice to say, having saved the off cuts from the village hall project, I’m an acoustic panel solution believer, and these are the best looking I’ve seen and felt thus far.

GIK Acoustics ImpressionMy first panel is 150mm deep by 600mm wide (or tall in my case) by 1200mm tall and it retails at £115 plus shipping and VAT .

More information available here.  Review to follow.


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