Coming Up – It’s a Tibo Christmas

Coming Up – It’s a Tibo Christmas

Well it really is a Tibo Christmas here at Although I may not have everything reviewed by the end of next week, I have received some very nice equipment from new British entrant Tibo.  I saw Tibo’s entry at the Birmingham Audio Show.  There are some really nice, good quality, accessible pieces on offer from Tibo.  Sonus are going to get a run for their money in the coming period.

Tibo Christmas

Tibo Sphere 2

I’ve set the Tibo Sphere 2 up in the bedroom, it is really easy to set-up and loud/noisy with a superb thump, thanks to a bass port at the back.  I’m really impressed with it thus far.   I’ve got Tidal working on it with no fuss at all, took me about a minute to find the Wifi password and configure the box with the free App.  I see the Sphere is portable and has an 8 hour battery in it, nice!

I’ve also received a Tibo Bond (2), which is basically a Bluetooth/WiFi dongle for an analogue system.  I’ll be plugging mine into my old faithful Roksan K2 in the next couple of days.  It will enable me to stream into my old system.

Finally, in the office (!!), is a new Kameleon 6.  This one is a multi room music player with 60W RMS for WiFi and Bluetooth streaming.  It has three interchangeable sides for room matching and so far sounds great, watch this space.


Tibo Christmas

Tibo Bond on Roksan K2


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