Atlas Cables New Releases

Atlas Cables New Releases

Slightly older news but Atlas Cables have been busy this month.  Having also launched a wideband HDMI cable range earlier this month, news too of a new plug distribution box that will smooth out the power flows to DACs and power amplifiers alike.  Mains power supply can have an effect on the performance of an audio system and this has historically involved electrical filtering to remove unwanted interference.  However, not all audio products need filtering, for example power amplifiers often need a dynamic power supply to satisfy the demands of the music.

Atlas Cables has announced a modular mains unit where you can choose how many filtered and unfiltered sources you want.  Nice.

The Atlas Cables EOS Modular 4.0 mains unit is available now and can be specified as 6 x unfiltered or 3 x filtered + 3 x unfiltered outlets.  A ground binding post is fitted to all models.  The modules can be 13A UK or continental, depending on your needs.  


Block-001         Atlas Eos Modular 4.0 0F6U 13A           –           £625.00 inv vat     

Block-004         Atlas Eos Modular 4.0 3F3U 13A           –           £725.00 inv vat   

NB – Please note these prices do not include any cables

All prices include UK VAT at £20%



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