August EP650L Bluetooth Headphones

August EP650L Bluetooth Headphones

If you were looking for the ‘Buggles’ look, the solution is here, finally these August EP650L are the business; if you’re nowhere near 50 you have no idea what I’m on about!  August International, a UK/US innovation company, based in portable TV players, has offered these wireless Bluetooth headphones that are excellent and rather comfortable.

Build Quality and Design

The quality is good, in a beats studio way. This is not necessarily a criticism but there is a lot of plastic going on, the quality and overall feel, however, is good, the padding on the band is very soft and the over-ear (closed back) pads are comfortable.  No worries there, so far and with no wires, there is a 3.5mm jack option, everything is pretty hunky dory.

There is an integrated microphone for hands free phone calls to your smartphone and the ‘phones are NFC ready. There is a rechargeable battery built in which claims 11 hours of continual use, I’ve charged them up once using the micro USB provided in the box.  They do seem to go on and on.  The weight of the ‘phones is not an issue for me, they only weight 235g.

The August EP650L headphones fold up inwards and are quite neat and tidy. With an array of controls on the right ear (skip, pause, volume, answer call), they are overall nicely presented, you do need to be careful if you put your hands on them because they can skip your track too easily for me.

For clarity, there is no noise cancelling or isolation with these headphones, although being closed back, there is a degree of isolation. Ear warming is an added benefit at this time of year!


So far, with either NFC or manual connection I have had no problems with Bluetooth connectivity using the headset and my Android phone in my pocket, either walking the dog or cutting the grass.  The microphone works really well when I’ve been called and sounds clear, according to my callers.

Sound wise, these guys are perfectly acceptable for ‘active’ listening, by that I mean doing something else whilst listening to music.  They stay on your head and the sound quality is acceptable.  You are not going to sit in a darkened room to dissect Abbey Road with these guys.  So ‘critical listening’ is not where these August EP650L headphones are!

The bass is slightly too ‘plentiful’ for my ears, but being closed back, I suppose this is to be expected.  Musically, on everyday vocal, well produced music pop music, these headphones are quite nice.

Value for Money

At this price, around 40 quid, I would invest, as ear warmers, they are expensive.  I’ve got the Blue ones, they’re a August EP650Lgood colour.  I guess the question is are they going to last?  I’ve had mine for a good six weeks now and they are still performing nicely, gardening, trains, bags and the like.  I am growing to like bluetooth for dog walking, no wires are no hassle and I’m liking this.  They stay on nicely and are comfortable and pairing Bluetooth is a piece of cake,


No wires, no hassle
Stay on nicely
Comfortable over ear
Pairing dead easy

Bass reproduction

Find these August EP650L on Amazon for around £39.

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