91 – Forever Changes

91 – Forever Changes


Remembering these were the guys who invited The Doors to support them only to see them go stratospheric!  Then their previous offering was pants, really, however they seem to have been galvanised into producing a nicely paced psychedelic rock album that has a consistency and pace the previous one ” Da Capo” lacked.

I really like the tone of this album with its Latino introductory song, “Alone Again Or”.  The album then reverts to type with trippy psychedelic folk rock vibes from the West Coast and whistful acoustic vibes thereon in.

Lacking the pace and edge of The Doors, this is still good quality west coast fare and I’ll certainly come back to this artist.

Released – 1967, at the end of “The Summer of Love”

Favourite track – Andmoreagain

Rating – 7.4, might come back to this rating after a few more listens…

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